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17.03.2010 Milf upskirt
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16.03.2010 Upskirt Exhibitionist Tale
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08.03.2010 Upskirt Anecdotes
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22.02.2010 True Upskirt Experiences
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Milf upskirt

When I was in my early twenties , I was sent by my firm to study for a professional qualification. This involved attending evening lessons on two nights a week. The lessons lasted 3 hours , and some dedication was needed to attend the course fully . After a 6 weeks or so , the course was down to a hard core of 8 -10 students. We gradually became a group of friends with our regular class room seats and break time habits. My desk neighbour was a woman of about 30 , serious at studying. Across from us sat a younger woman in her early twenties, a slim blonde with long legs and a penchant for short skirts. The desks had no modesty boards fitted, so I spent a lot of my time in lessons looking across at my fellow students white knickers. Her shapely legs were seldom covered by trousers. One night , after our coffee break and lecturer change , my desk neighbour leaned across to me and whispered. “She knows” I stopped looking at the white panties. “What does she know ?” I asked …worried that my nice guy reputation was lost. “No” replied my neighbour, “Chinos , the lecturer is wearing Chinos.” Phew … unfortunatly, the knicker display stopped shortly after when the student moved to another class.