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13.03.2010 Wifes First Upskirt
added by lary
05.03.2010 Ragley Hall Upskirt
added by Man
06.02.2010 My Mate’s Girlfriend
added by adam

Wifes First Upskirt

My wife Linda and I had been married for about 12 years , marrying right out of college. Linda is a very attractive brunette, 5? 6? about and 135 pounds. She had worked for about 5 years as a private office girl until the birth of our son and then became a stay at home mom. I work in education and have the summer off. Linda enjoyed her job but also enjoyed staying home with our son who was now 7. Susan her best friend worked for a temp office girl service and during the summer told Linda of a 4 week job she was going to take and asked if Linda would like to work with her. We talked it over and decided she would take the job with Susan and I would stay home with our son. The job was at a large insurance company and many of the regular employees were on vacation. The company had a small square courtyard outside. It was low in the middle and had 3 steps going down on all 4 sides. Susan, Linda and 2 other girls always sat on the steps for there lunch hour. They had noticed 2 older guys that worked in the office seemed to always sit opposite them. One day after a little over a week went by Susan came out for lunch late and from the direction where the 2 men where sitting. As she sat down next to Linda she whispered to her that she was putting on quite a show for the guys as her skirt was down on the step and the guys could see up her skirt and her pale yellow panties. When Linda got home that night she told me about her upskirt experience and figured the guys must have been looking up her skirt for more than a week. Linda then sat on our steps and asked what they saw. With her skirt down on the step you had a great view of her panties and the pale yellow panties she had on that day were quite transparent and the dark brown pubic hair was very visible through the panties. As a joke, I suggested to Linda that tomorrow she should put on a show for the guys by not wearing any panties to work. She laughed it off and called me crazy. After work the next day Linda told me that she had done what I suggested, just before lunch she went to the bathroom and removed her panties. She sat there for the full lunch hour without any panties under her skirt putting on a show for the guys opposite. It made her extremely horny and needless to say, I benefited from the show later that night.