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15.03.2010 My Girlfriend
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11.03.2010 Upskirt Bagcam Story
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05.03.2010 Ragley Hall Upskirt
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28.02.2010 Upskirt Taffeta and Paper Nylon
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10.02.2010 Perfect Short Skirt Upskirts
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09.02.2010 Two short upskirt stories
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06.02.2010 My Mate’s Girlfriend
added by adam

My Girlfriend

My girlfriend knows how much I like to look up her skirt, She teases me incessantly. But she loves the innocent fun of flashing her panties at me. It turns her on. Especially when she knows other men are looking up her skirt. She pretends not to notice. But I know what they are doing. Her great love is wearing nice panties or knickers which look good against her little skirts. Her favourite skirts are mini kilts and black cocktail dresses above the knee. And she always wears black or tan nylons with suspenders. The first time we went out to a party dressed like this, she was shy about dancing and letting her skirts rise. She told me about hard it was to keep her stocking tops out of sight. And she managed very well. That is, until she wanted to go upstairs to the loo. I went behind her, and was treated to a lovely upskirt view up her slim legs and the dark regions beneath her little black dress. I noticed the boys standing at the foot of the stairs stopping their chatter, and saw their eyes follow the legs until they reached the top of the stairs. At that point she straightened her body, and for a brief second, her skirt bobbed up. Her white satin panties shone in the stair light for an instant. My head was inches away, When she came out of the bathroom, I took hold of her hand. ‘Did you know that all those men could see your white nylons knickers when you stood up? She smiled. “Oh were you jealous then?” I nodded. “What is wrong with wearing nice knickers and letting other people see them? I don’t mind, if you don’t.” And we returned to the party. One of the boys who had been standing at the foot of the stairs came over to join us. He overcame his evident shyness. “Excuse me for saying so, but I caught a glimpse of your lovely knickers just now, and I just had to thank you. I am a knicker maniac. They really turn me on. Do you like showing them off?” His directness caught Angela by surprise. “Yes,” she stammered. “But I was too shy before. Would you like to dance with me?” I was entranced by the conversation. He took hold of her waist and guided her to a corner of the small dancing area. Then he spun her slowly, at first. Her little skirt flapping above her suspenders. Then after a few gentle twists, he moved faster. Round she spun. And up went her black skirt. Right up above her waist. Her full cut white briefs were fully released from their hideaway. I could see every inch. The little white frills that adorned the bottom. The puckered elastic waist. The white suspenders holding up her straining nylons. And she spun on. She was revelling in the freedom of her skirt rising ever higher and higher. The boys feasted their eyes on my girlfriends knickers. And I loved it. When we reached home that night, she told me how much she had enjoyed showing off and asked me if I minded. It made her very happy. And really turned her on. Her hand was in my underpants as I drove. Her fingers played with my cock. “I want to work in a club where I can show everyone my knickers. I saw an ad for a job. The costume is a short French Maid outfit with black stockings and patent black shoes. It’s good money. But I thought you would object.” I shook my head. “As long as I can come sometimes to have a look too. I think its wonderful for you to get paid for what you like doing. How short is the skirt?” I had to stop driving and let her fingers finish the job. “It’s so short, you can see the lacy edge of my knickers when I walk to the tables. I tried it out at the interview. In fact the manager followed me round to check. I had to bend over the table to pick up some glasses. And he put his hand on my bottom to let me feel how high my skirt had risen. It was very kind of him.” I was now excited at the thought of what had happened. This man with his hands up Angela’s skirt and resting on her knickers. “His other hand was checking my suspenders to make sure they were all fastened. He said men always liked to see that uniforms were correct. And that knickers must not be twisted.” Angela took a pair of frilly knickers from her handbag. “These were what I had to wear. What do you think?” I was speechless. She put the knickers over my cock which had grown to record lengths and rubbed it gently. “You should have seen the bulge in his trousers. I just fondled it for a second. And he was done. Would you believe it!! I knew she had got the job. And I would be there for the first night.