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20.03.2010 Upskirt and white knickers
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19.03.2010 Shoe Store Upskirt
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07.03.2010 Female Point Of View
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05.03.2010 Ragley Hall Upskirt
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27.02.2010 Shy girl's upskirt
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16.02.2010 Windblown Upskirt Embarrassment
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11.02.2010 Coed's upskirt
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10.02.2010 Perfect Short Skirt Upskirts
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08.02.2010 Library Upskirt Story
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Upskirt and white knickers

There was a girl at work I had taken a bit of a fancy to – and as always you begin to wonder about her choice of underwear. She used to wear tight jeans and you could see the VPL through her jeans – these were the days before thongs became almost the universal choice of underwear for young women – and you got the idea that she was wearing the high-legged briefs that again, nearly all the girls seemed to wear them in those days. I used to think that these were daring and that their panties could not get any skimpier but how wrong I was proved! So a popular choice for her knickers – but what colour? She would often wear short skirts and no matter how I tried I could never position myself to get that vital upskirt view of her knickers so that I could find out the colour. Then one day I was sitting opposite her in a pub with a low table between us. She was wearing a short skirt that was pulled tight across her legs as she sat. Just before we stood to leave she turned her legs a little towards me and there they were – white knickers. Although white was a popular colour (and still is) I had always imagined that she would wear pastel coloured knickers and her choice of white was a surprise – but no less pleasant to look at. As she stood I saw them again. It had been a matter of the right place at the right time, with enough light to illuminate her upskirt area. As we walked across the car park I felt satisfied that her legend had been revealed and in my minds eye she was walking in just her underwear! Which consisted of knickers only as she did not wear a bra. A little later I saw her panties again when I was sat in the driver’s seat as she was getting into the back of my two-door car. She made a comment like “I hope you won’t look up my skirt!” At which point I promptly had a good look at her white knickers from about two feet away. If she noticed me doing this then she did not let on. Since then she has started wearing thongs but only under tight clothes, otherwise she wears briefs – the bra remains an optional extra. I have seen her knickers many times since – but in the form of down-trousers rather than upskirts (I can’t remember any more upskirts, so at least I get to know her colour. This remains mostly monotone (white, grey, black) but with at least one blue pair, which makes a pleasant change. By the way – I still fancy her but have never got beyond a few kisses and she has been married for a long time now. But if I could have had my choice she would have been the one for me. Thoughts of what I have seen are never far away when masturbation time comes around.