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22.03.2010 Upskirt Story By Holmes
added by Freeze

Upskirt Story By Holmes

I have posted before about the pleasures of upskirt views and my job as a police officer. I once was in a post where I frequently had to attend parish council meetings. One of the councillors who was very passionate on her debates was a married women approaching 50. I always found her attractive with greying dark hair slightly over weight in a mature fashion and she always wore skirts that was slightly too short. She would always where tights usually black and when she crossed her legs her skirt always rode up a little to show some of her wonderful thighs I would often spend the whole meeting watching her as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. I became convinced she knew I was looking as she always seemed to sit opposite me and sometimes she would catch me looking, and maybe scratch her leg lifting her skirt a bit higher. On one occasion as I watched her cross her legs I had a quick flash of darker nylon then white flesh. She wore stockings! On the night of that meeting she invited me to attend a later safety sub-committee meeting which she was the chair. It was her, me and another woman. We sat around a table, and she began to flirt with her eyes a little. I dropped some papers accidentally and when I bent down to pick them I was treated to a gorgeous view of her upper thighs as her skirt had ridden up quite high. Full, black suspenders cutting into her fleshy thigh and as I collected the papers she slowly uncrossed her legs and I saw the black crotch of her knickers. I had an instant hard on. The meeting finished soon after as the other woman had to leave. As I stood up my hard cock was easily seen in my uniform trousers, she looked at it and smiled. We had discussed some points and I invited her to the local village police station to continue our discussion. I arrived and she followed 5 mins later. When she got inside without any fuss she asked if I liked what I had seen I said just look at my cock like a tent pole inside my uniform. She undid her skirt and she had already taken off her knickers her pussy was glistening, her stockinged thighs were stunning. I approached her and kissed her, caressed her bare arse. She pulled at my cock undoing my trousers. Her pussy was soaking and I turned her around and fucked her standing up as she bent over my desk, she was moaning ‘fuck me, fuck my cunt‘ She came very quickly shouted obscenities at me. I kept fucking her and she came again and I dropped to my knees and started to lick her fanny. I began to lick her little bum hole and she begged me to handcuff her and ass fuck her. I did and I came inside her gorgeous round ass. we collapsed on the floor. After 10 min or so she began to lick my cock and it stood to attention again, she sat on my face begging me to ‘lick her cunt’ which I did. More nights followed fucking this woman, but that’s another tale.