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19.03.2010 Shoe Store Upskirt
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25.02.2010 WOW! No panties here
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13.02.2010 Pornstar upskirt
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Shoe Store Upskirt

I have been a upskirt lover for over 35 years. I still prefer a good panty shot over a nude picture, any day. Like many other teenage upskirters, I dropped my pencil frequently and was always close to the stairs looking for opportunities, but after high school at my, very first, real job is where I became a seasoned pro at this fine form of entertainment. I worked in a shoe store. We all have heard the stories of shoe clerks getting an eye-full from some lady. Yes, I enjoyed many of those free upskirts by exhibitionists, and like others I had one lady ask to use the restroom, where she removed her panties and returned to exhibit herself in her fine baldness. I soon learned that the accidental and un-intentional shot was far more rewarding to me than the results of an over-sexed lady who wanted to see me turn red as I stared up her spread legs. I think that is why I do not like watching professional strippers at all, but quickly get aroused at a curtain that is not quite closed. It took me several months to move beyond the occasional beaver shot to days filled with women’s undergarments of all shapes, sizes and colors. The store was a self-service type with 4 isles and 3 double racks so that women could choose from either side. I noticed one day that the steel racks only went up half the distance of the shoe box leaving a clear view of the other side, if one just accidentally left an empty slot in just the right place. So, I began my daily routine that began with me situating the short stools at the same location where some errant shoe clerk had forgotten to replace a box of shoes after a sale. I had 4 stools in each isle, so the odds were that at any time of the day, some unsuspecting female was affording me the opportunity for an erection. Sometimes I had to train the ladies not to move the stool, since some would automatically slide it a few feet away from my view. I would simply go around to their side, ask them if they needed my help and then while faking some type of shoe display straightening, I would move the stool back to the center of viewing. It was quite fun. I also learned that if you placed the stool back far enough they would less likely move it and they would usually try on the shoes pointing straight at the rack falsely thinking that their beaver was safe from view. It also made it more exciting since they were farther back, there was a chance that if they looked closely they would see me staring at their beaver. I was found out a few times but I wasn’t told on or yelled at. Now, I am in my fifties working outside retail shoes, but I still get hot under the collar when I think of the fact that at one time in my long career, I had a job with horrible hours, no vacation or insurance, very low pay, but a job that had the biggest benefit package of all, a daily dose of fine looking beavers.