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28.02.2010 Upskirt Taffeta and Paper Nylon
added by Member
21.02.2010 Worst windy skirt up
added by Amber
20.02.2010 European Upskirt Girls
added by Michael
16.02.2010 Windblown Upskirt Embarrassment
added by stranger

Upskirt Taffeta and Paper Nylon

I can recall those wonderful fashions of the 50s I was a school lad then. My late girl had some lovely lady friends. One day she asked me to do a errand for her to one of her friends who lived in the centre of Portsmouth UK. Upon my arrival at the ladies flat with the shopping i had to deliver my girl had got for her, she invited me in for coffee and doughnuts, in those days the doughnuts were far superior to what they do now. She was a pretty dark hair girl aged 28 and whilst she was busy getting the coffee and doughnuts, I spied on the sofa her fabulous can can petticoat. It was in pale blue paper nylon, 4 tiers with lavish matching lace. I stroked it thrilling to the feel and rustle and crackle. Of course I got really hard very quickly. As she came back she caught me red handed rustling it. I thought she was going to hit the roof, but she just smiled, and made the comment as I seemed to like it ,after the coffee and doughnuts she would wear it for me under a new skirt she had brought, but I had to swear to secrecy not to tell any one or else if my girl and mum and dad found out I would be in hot water. After our coffee and cakes, she took the petticoat into the bed room, and changed into it, leaving the door slightly ajar so I could hear the rustles. She came out 8 min later wearing a black full taffeta skirt with big moir patterns with the blue petticoat peaking out from her skirt. Oh the rustle noises were heaven! She could see I was quite aroused, and smiling she drew back her taffeta skirt revealing the petticoat and her pale blue panties and sheer nylon tops. She asked me how aroused I was and I told her. To make me even more stiff she began to rub together very hard the folds of the pale blue paper nylon petticoat, the fabric really scream rustled and I was by now, almost about to climax. She then motioned me to get out my aroused member, and removed the petticoat. She then began to fondle me with it, oh the sensation the feel and the rustle, I just exploded and it shrank like a popped sausage balloon. She asked me if I liked that and I said I did, but again swearing me to secrecy. Any time I called there, she said she would have the petticoat out for me to rustle and she would wear it under one of her skirts and can can it. I asked if I could have the petticoat after she had finished with it, she agreed but sadly I never did get it. It broke my heart when those fabulous fashions were discarded I hope those paper nylon petticoats come back.