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05.02.2010 Vacation adventures
added by Bobby

Vacation adventures

I was on vacation with my GF's family this summer (parents + girl in law who's 18 + me and my GF). I'll refer to my girl in law as Christina (it sounds close to her name, but still hides some of her identity). My GF's family is a very 'free' family, discussion and being honest are valued high and it is encouraged to have your own opinion. They are very open minded. But.. to the point. Christina is a very skinny (but hot) girl, brown hair & medium breasts. She also has a dress attitude that would get most guys standing straight. The makes her own clothing, which usually are only-a-few-inch skirts. The ones from the store are slightly longer and are worn to school (obviously). Skin-tight jeans are no exception either. I'm very accepted in the family by now, so I get some 'treats' every now and them. Our vacation was in Spain, and it was during summer so it was very very hot. We would sit outside most of the time. We had one shower to share with the 5 of us, so we had to take turns. Christina showers almost every day (she's fairly busy with her looks every day...) but the shower was occupied on this particular moment. I was reading a book, and my father in law was sitting around us somewhere too (reading a book). Christina walks over, takes a seat, and waits for the shower to be free. She was wearing a black dress, which was fairly short. In the end you'll see she just put this on in a hurry, in the wait for the shower. She sat with her legs crossed and I happened to be able to see some skin between her legs (I thought so). After a few seconds I realized I could also see a little vertical patch of hair: she seemed to have no panties. After a while she uncrossed and changed her position. To this day I still don't know if she knew and was teasing me, or that she just didn't care (and knowing her, I'm very sure it's this one).