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10.03.2010 Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story
added by Michael

Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story

Over the past few summers I have worked at a well known sports shop in the shoe department. As you can imagine the summer brings out THE shortest skirts and lowest cut tops, and working on the trainer department there is no end to the amount of upskirt knicker sightings. One particular day a woman and her son came to the store to buy a pair of trainers. She was wearing a summer dress that was just below the knee but it looked like there was little chance of a knicker sighting as it was a fairly long skirt. I served this lady who was in her late 30’s and had shoulder length hair. I had to go to the stockroom to get the trainers she required. I was in there for about 2 minutes when on my return i saw her sitting on one of the benches with her dress riding so far up her thighs just covering her crotch. I thought how the hell can a dress that was below the knee be riding so far up your thighs. As I got closer I noticed she had white lacy panties on. I was so hard. I served her son with the trainers but all the while I had my eyes fixated on her crotch. At times I had to kneel down to help her son. My head was inches from her legs and I had a clear view right up to her crotch. She knew all along I could see this and as time went by her legs moved wider and wider apart. After about 15 minutes of this and three pairs of trainers later she finally bought a pair. When she left she looked at me in the eye and gave such a dirty smile, I will always remember that day!!!