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22.03.2010 Upskirt Story By Holmes
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21.03.2010 My Exhibitionist Girlfriend
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20.03.2010 Upskirt and white knickers
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19.03.2010 Shoe Store Upskirt
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18.03.2010 College Daze By Skywatcher
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17.03.2010 Milf upskirt
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16.03.2010 Upskirt Exhibitionist Tale
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15.03.2010 My Girlfriend
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14.03.2010 Sitting Split Skirt Knickers Story
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13.03.2010 Wifes First Upskirt
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12.03.2010 My Panty Flashing Girlfriend
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11.03.2010 Upskirt Bagcam Story
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10.03.2010 Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story
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09.03.2010 Old Town Upskirt Story
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08.03.2010 Upskirt Anecdotes
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07.03.2010 Female Point Of View
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03.03.2010 My Cousins Pretty Panties
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02.03.2010 Addicted To Upskirts
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01.03.2010 White thongs under skirt
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28.02.2010 Upskirt Taffeta and Paper Nylon
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27.02.2010 Shy girl's upskirt
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26.02.2010 Upskirt Library Views
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25.02.2010 WOW! No panties here
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24.02.2010 Upskirt Story – Six Upskirts In One Day
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23.02.2010 Summer upskirt story
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22.02.2010 True Upskirt Experiences
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21.02.2010 Worst windy skirt up
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20.02.2010 European Upskirt Girls
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19.02.2010 Let's the party started
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18.02.2010 Panties In The Office
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17.02.2010 Yummy upskirt view
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16.02.2010 Windblown Upskirt Embarrassment
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15.02.2010 View from downstairs
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14.02.2010 Mirror Image Upskirt Fun
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08.02.2010 Library Upskirt Story
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07.02.2010 Neighbours's upskirt
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06.02.2010 My Mate’s Girlfriend
added by adam
05.02.2010 Vacation adventures
added by Bobby

My Mate’s Girlfriend

I have seen upskirts of so many girls skirts in my life theres just too many to mention. This story is about my mate’s bird, she is a tall brunette, her breasts arn’t massive but they are ample and she is so hot. We went to stay in a caravan for a weekend (one of those big static ones) in Wales, there was me, 3 of my friends and one of their girlfriends (she is called Sarah). I often flirted with Sarah but it was harmless fun. One night we were just sitting around watching TV, the others were about but it ended up being just me and her. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white top, throughout the day my eyes would wander down and I would have a glance at her breasts, I don’t think she ever noticed. She was sat at a right angle to me with her legs up on the cushions, I glanced to the side and noticed she had her eyes closed (it was quite late) I could see right up her skirt, she had pink cotton panties on, I stared for a bit and had a look around to make sure no-one could see me. I looked up her long silky legs up to her knickers I was watching for what seemed like ages, I looked at every detail and my dick was so hard. I just checked to see if she was still relax and she was looking right at me. I quickly looked away, I felt stupid because she had caught me. Nothing was said we just carried on watching TV. The next day we were having dinner and she bent right in front of me, I had a great view down her top. She had a white lacy bra with a little bow in the middle, I wondered if it was on purpose. A few weeks went by and I was at a party at the same mates house, Sarah was wearing a short Khaki skirt and a tight top. She was sitting opposite me (with her legs up on the sofa) and I had an amazing view of her white lace panties (they are my favourite) I couldn’t believe it, I had an erection instantly, luckily I was sitting down or it would have been hard to hide. That night I saw up her skirt from all angles, it was so cool because she knew she was doing it and it turned her on that I wanted to look. I would try and avoid eye contact with her and I tried not to make it too obvious I was looking. It was on my mind the whole night. After that I caught a few glimpses up her skirt but never as good as those first times. I would see down the back of her jeans when she bent down, she always wore a thong and she all different types and colours. I think my friend noticed me looking a few times, he must have said something to her because she started becoming more wary when wearing skirts and she would avoid bending down (she would also put her hand over her thong to cover it when she bent down). I see down her top every now and then and sometimes her thong but never up her skirt. Sometimes she seems to let me have a look (maybe she’s feeling horny) but most of the time she avoids it. At first it was a major turn on that she knew I was looking, but now its back fired because she (and him) are wary of me and it makes me feel pretty dirty. So when you’re looking at a girl make sure you don’t look too much, if she thinks you are a pervert it can turn sour.