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22.03.2010 Upskirt Story By Holmes
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21.03.2010 My Exhibitionist Girlfriend
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20.03.2010 Upskirt and white knickers
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19.03.2010 Shoe Store Upskirt
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18.03.2010 College Daze By Skywatcher
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17.03.2010 Milf upskirt
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16.03.2010 Upskirt Exhibitionist Tale
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15.03.2010 My Girlfriend
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14.03.2010 Sitting Split Skirt Knickers Story
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13.03.2010 Wifes First Upskirt
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12.03.2010 My Panty Flashing Girlfriend
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11.03.2010 Upskirt Bagcam Story
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10.03.2010 Shoe Store White Lacey Panties Upskirt Story
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09.03.2010 Old Town Upskirt Story
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08.03.2010 Upskirt Anecdotes
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07.03.2010 Female Point Of View
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06.03.2010 Upskirt At Last
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05.03.2010 Ragley Hall Upskirt
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04.03.2010 Upskirt skills
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03.03.2010 My Cousins Pretty Panties
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02.03.2010 Addicted To Upskirts
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01.03.2010 White thongs under skirt
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28.02.2010 Upskirt Taffeta and Paper Nylon
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27.02.2010 Shy girl's upskirt
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26.02.2010 Upskirt Library Views
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25.02.2010 WOW! No panties here
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24.02.2010 Upskirt Story – Six Upskirts In One Day
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23.02.2010 Summer upskirt story
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22.02.2010 True Upskirt Experiences
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21.02.2010 Worst windy skirt up
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20.02.2010 European Upskirt Girls
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19.02.2010 Let's the party started
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18.02.2010 Panties In The Office
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17.02.2010 Yummy upskirt view
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16.02.2010 Windblown Upskirt Embarrassment
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15.02.2010 View from downstairs
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14.02.2010 Mirror Image Upskirt Fun
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13.02.2010 Pornstar upskirt
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11.02.2010 Coed's upskirt
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08.02.2010 Library Upskirt Story
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07.02.2010 Neighbours's upskirt
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06.02.2010 My Mate’s Girlfriend
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05.02.2010 Vacation adventures
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Sitting Split Skirt Knickers Story

There are plenty of times when I get to see knickers by looking down the waistband of women’s clothes. This is particularly true these days when women chose to expose their midriff and wear high-cut underwear – often in the thong style. This is useful in itself as you get to find out the colour of their underwear, which is always stimulating, however, actual upskirts are in short supply. The days when most women chose white underwear seem to be gone – many seem to go for black these days. Though there are still a few white-only girls about. All this changed when I attended a meeting at work recently. I arrived a little late and took one of the last remaining places opposite the woman who would chair the meeting. The layout of the group was in the form of an open square with no table in the middle, this meant that I had a clear view of the chairwoman – and significantly, her split-front skirt. As the meeting progressed it became clear to me that if she shifted into the right position I would be able to see up her skirt. The woman in question is probably nearly 50 but attractive and in very good shape – you would not turn her down if you had the chance, she also has a deep and sexy voice. Phone calls with her always a pleasure as you can hear her gaspy breath in your ear. I would like to masturbate when I am speaking to her but this is almost impossible in an office environment – unless I could contrive a late call and do it in my briefs – I would have to then clean them out in the toilets. Finally it happened, she turned a little towards me and there they were – white knickers on show up the spilt in her skirt, my first upskirt in ages and I revelled in it. This went on for a while with her knickers showing to a greater or lesser extent. I think that she may have been a little conscious of her exposure as she occasionally adjusted her skirt – without too much success. The best was when her legs parted slightly and I saw a very deep white “V” shape, almost the whole of her crotch – but not quite. After the meeting I saw her again and noticed her VPL, which indicated that she was wearing fairly full-cut briefs. Yes M*****, your choice of underwear that day (white briefs) had been well and truly revealed to me, all very useful later that night when it came to my masturbation session. Just another thing – did anyone see Kate Garraway on GMTV when she was presenting reports from Hong Kong. In one sequence she was wearing a skirt and with the light behind her you could clearly see the outline of her legs all the way up to her crotch. That was not the only thing – I could swear that you could see her underwear – a narrow-angle white “V” shape under her skirt – in the style of a thong or high-cut briefs – very sexy! P.S. Anyone who says he doesn’t enjoy peeking at women’s’ knickers is a liar!