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Her rose skirt makes me mad
A nice ass of this hen is waiting for a fitting cock, and what can I offer is at first my spy cam that's always switched on and ready. I'm lucky to do something more, gals, you can ask me!
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  • Vatan, added 11 years ago
    My first attempt was a bit odd till I resieald I'd cut off the fold line from my paper pattern and would have a seam straight up the front of my dress. I struggled a bit with the neckline   don't know why but mine has ended up more of a square neck   just not that good a seamstress I guess.Your patterns are really terrific  and thank you for posting them here for me to try out. I've not given up and the dress looks great. I'm now ready to have a go at another one. Keep up the brilliant website, it's a treasure trove. Love and hugs.

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