So many sexy cuties walk the streets every day, not knowing that our upskirt hunter is out there to hunt them down! He follows the girl until he is able to shoot a view up her skirt, and every video is full of surprises. Public upskirt, teen upskirt, sexy upskirt... Very hot!
Sexy shorts video at the street market
Not only the babe’s panty or no panty upskirt can be sexy but also the beautiful slim body wrapped in the tiniest sexy shorts can arouse many emotions in guy’s soul as this cutie’s outfit!
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  • Venti, added 6 years ago
    Dagmar, I live in Sacramento, but got an apartment in Atlanta in January 2010 to aangme a large construction project there   I get to spend 10 days in Atlanta and 4 days home to see my wife & daughter & grandkids.  Not a great arrangement, but livable barely.  But, enough of me.Anyway, I saw you announcing the weather one evening and was hooked on  well, I can only call it your passion, exuberance, and excitement it didn't matter if you were announcing that baseball-sized hail was coming, you made us feel like it would be OK I was upset to read of the sadness you have endured in recent years, but it seems you are finding some peace, although it does tend to come slowly.  Nature is perverse that way, it seems   events fall on us like landslides, but healing for the survivors seems to take so much longer.The pictures of you and your friend reminded me of a secluded beach in Santa Barbara   close to Goleta.  If you have not visited there yet, it is worth the drive.  If you are up for a much longer drive, visit Surf Beach in Lompoc.  This time of the year, you may find cold winds and maybe clear skies, but the violent, pounding surf somehow seems calming, in an odd way.  I would suggest ending your day with a glass of wine in the very friendly town of Solvang, a warm hotel bed, and a safe trip home the next day.I will read your entry about mushrooms again I like how you explain their benefits  I surely hope they taste good.Again, thank you for brightening our days, and I wish that you find all the colors of the rainbow in your grey days.Dave
  • Jenaya, added 8 years ago
    HHIS I sholud have thought of that!
  • Liberty, added 8 years ago
    BION I'm imprsesed! Cool post!
  • Millicent, added 8 years ago
    Wow! That's a rellay neat answer!
  • Zeal, added 8 years ago
    Touchdown! That's a really cool way of puttnig it!

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